Carthage, Missouri - Taco Tour

I've found that friends want to ask me to take them to my favorite taco/latin american places but don't want to come off racist by requesting this from their brown friend. I am not offended by this at all, I'll take you into the Mexican store and help you shop if you buy me a paleta and I'll help you order off the menu in a hole in the wall taqueria for a couple of tacos! I'm easy to please.

I know most of my white friends feel self conscious going in any of these places for the first time and I share the same information with all of them each time, why not put it here? Below you'll find my recommendations and personal opinions on our local Hispanic shops + restaurants. There's almost always someone that speaks English there and all of them let you order food to go! So don't hesitate in patronizing these local small businesses that need our support!

xo - emma



Tacos- Taqueria Medina

Tortas: A sandwhich - La Tiendita

Tex-Mex: El Charro. They have the best Fajita Nachos + hands down my favorite margaritas for a GREAT price.

Tex-Mex: Habaneros. that guacamole that they make right at your table is the best thing ever. Almost as good as my mom's.

Pupusas: El Quetzal

Produce: El Guerrero - however, I try to get limes at La Tiendita