True Love

Last night before we went to sleep I spent a few minutes laying on my Mat's chest.

Dead weight.

Just laying there in my oversized t-shirt on his bare chest listening to him breath while we talked about our life.

It's easy to do when you're half his size.

I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me too.

I said, "you do huh? like you really love me"

And he said, "yeah."

Except he took a deep breath before saying it. He kind of sighed when he said it.

It made me laugh and I told him that it sounded... heavy. Like loving me is heavy.

It is.

I know I'm a lot.

He laughed because he is well aware. 

He knows it takes guts, wit, patience, and so much humor to love me.

Tonight I sat on our bed wrapped in a big fluffy blanket on my macbook AND my phone while he worked and watched tv from the recliner he has in our bedroom.

I was working on sending out emails for The Hip Handmade Market, helping do some planning for a friend's campaign, and thinking about a few extra things we had come up that we weren't expecting at work all at the same time.

I looked up to see him smiling and starring at me.

I paused for a minute and asked him what.

"I love seeing you like this. In your element. I know there's so much going on in that brain of yours."

Love is real you guys.