the always late club

Goal for next week: be on time for Art Feeds!


I don't know why but I seem to run about 10-15 minutes late for all things. Especially when it's just me. Before I thought the kids were the reason I was late to everything, now they are the reason I'm not as late as I would've been if I was without them. Maybe I relax too much when they are not around and feel free to take my time getting ready.

I have no depth perception and walk into corners all the time, don't event get me started on distances, I seriously can't even judge an inch. So maybe it's just that the math part of my brain that doesn't work, that part that is also supposed to keep track of time. I swear that if I look at the clock and its 8:15, I feel like it's 8:15 until I look at the clock again and see that it's actually 8:45.

I bet Beyoncé is rarely late.


PS. finally downloaded the app for my blog, so maybe I'll write more? God + my husband know his brain is full of words.