What EmmaMade looks like now.

I've been super open about a lot here. I opened up about when I had to cut some friends loose and focus on my family and myself, about bipolar disorder, about motherhood, and many other things.

One of the things that 2015 taught me is to not over commit. To say, I'd rather do 9am than 8am and not feel guilty about it. Because in reality I wouldn't bring my best at 8am, but if we meet up at 9 I have had time to get my kids to school and run back home to actually check myself in the mirror and put makeup on. Then I don't feel rushed, I feel that I look good, and I can show up the way I want to show up, confident, and ready. 9am is my jam.

That being said, If I'm honest with myself I know that can't keep a handmade shop open online year-round. Sometimes life get busy with my family, with my volunteering, with friends, with other fun things, and twice a year with The Hip Handmade Market. During those busy times spending time making things just doesn't come easy and I'd rather stay up an extra hour taking a bath and watching Grey's than stressing about filling the shop with products.

The EmmaMade shop will be closing tomorrow at 9pm. Not forever, but just for now. From now on I will build up inventory over a period of time and open up the shop for my favorite times of the year. I did this for Valentine's Day and it worked out so well! Over the next few weeks I will be making as many of the best sellers (and possibly some new products) as I have time for. The shop will open back up for one of the most welcomed times of the year so save the date for the first day of spring on March 20th!

In the mean time everything left in the shop is 20% off + free shipping! No coupon code necessary. Thanks for the love and for letting me be me.

XO - Emma

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