Summa Summa Summa School

I had Douglas go to summer school before he started his full year of kindergarten so that he could get a feel for a full school day + learn the little things; like how to hold the lunch tray and walk at the same time without letting everything slide off. I decided Isabella should have the same experience. Since she was going, Douglas should go to his 2nd grade class too right?! I was so pumped.

Counted down the days.

Could almost taste the freedom.

I imagined future me being peppy and ready to sit with the kids while they ate breakfast at school by 7:45am. Then I would head to the gym where I would immediately lose the weight I've gained over the last 5 years. I would look super cute in my gym clothes and have a "just left the gym glow" when I got to an empty house and made myself some oatmeal or whatever fit healthy people eat after their amazing, stimulating, really intense but super fun workouts. I'd shower and get dressed without trying on 5 things that didn't fit. I'd just find the perfect outfit right away. Then I'd listen to old episodes of This America Life or The Moth while cleaning the house and doing laundry. A couple days out of the week I'd work on stuff for the HHM or EmmaMade. The house would be clean and smell good. We wouldn't run out of clean clothes or toilet paper.

I. would be. AWESOME.

Then a funny thing happened.

I miss them.

I mean, I knew I'd miss them. But I've had a nagging little person right next to me, either Douglas or Isabella for the last 7.5 years. Now I'm just supposed to not?! It's glorious, but super weird at the same time.

This last week was the first full week. I made it to the gym 2 times, Walmart like 5 times, got groceries, had meetings, got my hair done (purple!), and only cleaned a little. But we didn't run out of clean clothes and target had a great deal on toilet paper last week + a coupon so we didn't run out of that either.

It was a good week. Isabella loves to talk and she tells me all about her day at school. Douglas didn't use to say much, but when she gets going he wants to share too. So our ride home is full of laughter and talking. D has already suggested that he go to summer school every year. I have more patience with them because I haven't been worn out by noon with Isabella's nonstop talking. Their teachers brag on them and wish they could go to that school year round. 

I'm the luckiest mom, now I just have to figure out how to manage myself. So thankful for the trial run before both my babies are in school this fall.