Michael Jackson

Douglas turned 5 in November. 5 guys! 5!

I was planning a small birthday party for him. Nothing big, just a few kids playing video games. We told him that his party wouldn't be on his birthday [

a Tuesday

] but that following Saturday. He was cool with that.

But Douglas is obsessed with Michael Jackson.

A week before his birthday Douglas asked for a Michael Jackson party.

I had no clue what to do... but I did it.

The day before his birthday we gave him an early present.. Sparkly gloves, a fedora [

thank you walmart little girls section

] AND The Michael Jackson Experience game for the Wii. We played a bajillion times, my legs hurt.

The next day I let him wear his Adidas track suit to school, and let him take his hat. Then grandma picked him up from school for a fun birthday treat!

[top left: star confetti in clear ballons, top right: foam Michael Jackson gloves for balloon ping pong, bottom right: Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii.. Dace floor ready, bottom left: Michael Jackson hats with rock star stickers  to decorate them with. They were actually top hats from the New Year's section in the party store]

 The waiting drove Isabella nuts.

His delighted face was priceless... priceless I tell you.

The kids danced, played, had a blast.

The cake stumped me. But some silver sugar sprinkles fixed that. Glittery glove on the top.

Presents galore.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is how you throw a last minute, small budget Michael Jackson party.