2013 will be

The year I actually set some goals and actively try to accomplish them.

While growing up, my resolutions were always to do better in school, read more etc. Then when I "grew up" + got married they changed to things like don't waste so much money, budget, utilize my time wisely, be a better wife... Now that I'm a mom I honestly cannot remember what I've said the last few years, I haven't really made over it. But in my mind I have thought, "I'm going to do better. take better care of the house, just do more."

That's all fine + dandy, but I need to be more specific. So a few days ago I sat down and wrote 5 things that I wanted to do this year. Not just something I want to experience, but things that I want to change in myself. In my way of living, in my personality, in my daily life. While doing this I thought about how I might be able to actually get with it and get things together IF I took the time to make a timeline, put baby steps down below my BIG things that would help me get there. I've had this blog as a draft for about a week, just mulling it over.. With just my short list.

Last night one of my favorite people in the world, Susan Petersen posted her New Year's post- "on goal setting - five steps to take control of 2013". On how to actually keep your goals and accomplish them. It's like she read my mind. It was like she was talking specifically to me. If you haven't checked her out yet, you should. She's a celebrity you know.

Susan is also giving away a year of her fab baby moccasins to a lucky Instagramer. If you're not on there.. do it. New Year's Day is the last day to enter. Here are the details.

So here are my big goals. I have a whole separate list for Created, and a few personal goals that include my guy, my kids & my God, but I'm going to keep that private for now. I can't tell you guys everything! Sheesh.

»get healthy
»stay home more
»get organized
»make our house a home
»save/stop wasting money

And this is how I'm going to accomplish them.

»Get healthy + workout.
I put those 2 together because they go hand in hand. But how? What steps will I take to make this happen?

1. I'm going to try and cut as much sugar out of our diet as I can. We will be using natural stevia powder [no, not truvia] to sweeten most of what we will need sweetened. I'll mix it with apple fiber to use it in baking, and make liquid sweetener from it for our coffee & drinks.
2. I also have this love affair with pizza. ANY pizza. If it's pizza, I'll eat it. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, + dinner.. on special occasions I do. Little Caesar's has it for $5 something. And it's right by Walmart  So get groceries but buy pizza to eat... That's dumb. But I do it. Not all the time, but embarrassingly more than I should. I won't do that anymore. Unless it's my birthday.
3. More water. No soda. [I also love pepsi.] and my children love apple juice, LOVE it. but I'm hoping more natural teas sweetened with honey or stevia. But definitely more water.
4. Very little fast food. Except for our yearly Sonic corn dogs on Halloween, or maybe alot ourselves 1 fast food meal a month. This will save money AND help us get healthy.
5. Eat homemade. Not just less fast food, but make our own granola bars instead of buying the packaged ones, make our own taco seasoning instead of buying the one with all the chemicals in it. Make our own ice cream as a special treat. Since I love pizza so much, maybe have our own pizza night where all of us make individual pizzas, on homemade crust with homemade pizza sauce, maybe even homemade mozzarella.Things like that.
6. workout. Take the time to do it. I love yoga. love. it. But I can't be all namaste with kids yelling at me. So I'll GO to yoga class once a week. AND work out at home at least 2 -3 days a week. I have a hard time with that. Like I should be doing dishes or vacuuming instead. It's that friggen mommy-guilt.

»Stay home more.
This will help me with getting organized, making our house a home, AND getting healthy. I'll have time to make mozzarella, and granola bars.

1.Get organized. I'll make shopping lists and meal lists and activity lists so that when D has school I'll get everything I need while I'm out instead of having to go back to the store because I forgot something.
2.Allot time for activities + play dates. Just not too many, it is ok to say no. Have friends over more often.
3.Stop instant gratification. Sometimes I see something on tv or have an idea and have to have it right away. Mathew + I are both like that. He's was worse than me, but now we just met somewhere in the middle. You're not going to die if you don't get it right away, just wait til the next time you're in town Emma. Wait.

»Get organized.
1.Plan our meals. I used to do this and it's amazing.
2.Keep a laundry schedule and actually stick to it! I have one already made up, when I stick with it, it works like a charm. A load a day except sunday, some days 2 loads.
3. Stick with a cleaning schedule. An area a day type thing.
4. Declutter.

»Make our house a home.
I feel complimented when most of my friends say that they feel so at home at our house. We must too because this place is usually a pit. There's clothes and toys everywhere. The kids are often seen wearing clothes then just underwear, then a different set of clothes... later I find clothes under the couch cushions and just strewn on the floor. And I'm sad to admit that the kids are not the only ones.

1.Accomplish previous resolution. That would help a lot, specially the decluttering part.
2.Put things where they go RIGHT AWAY. Sometimes I open a package in the living room and set the trash on the coffee table instead of walking over to the trashcan and throwing it away. When I get up I forget to take it with me. Later I find it on the floor in pieces. I could get upset at the kids or the dog, but it's my fault. Same with dishes. I have a drink while I'm crocheting on the couch. I finish my drink but don't take it to the kitchen, then forget about it. Next time I do the same thing, now 2 cups on the end table. LAZY. That's what it is. No way around it. Stop doing that.
3.Fatigue doesn't last forever. If you need to stay up an extra 30 minutes to do dishes + clean the counters, do it! It's better to wake up tired to a clean kitchen and picked up house than to wake up tired to a messy and dirty house.
4.Paint. Sew. Make.

»Save/stop waiting money.

They all flow together don't they. Getting organized will help us get healthy by planning meals and giving us a schedule. It will also help me keep up with things around the house, which will make us happier at home and help me have time to take out to work out. Doing all of that will require me to be home more... which I'll want to be because I'll love it here. I'll want to make it prettier, make it ours. I'll have more time to sew, make pillow covers, curtains.. eek! Bake more food! Cook more, which goes back to the healthy thing. The possibilities are endless. All of this will help save money. No more wasting it on crappy food. I'd rather spend more on good food. No more wasting it on gas running around after crap either!

I know that some people would look at staying home more as a sucky thing, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm excited. 2013 will be a good year. What are some of the things you hope to accomplish + change this year?! I'd love to hear about them!