The Little Craft Show

Guess. What?!

I made it into The Little Craft Show!! I am SO absofreakinglutely excited.

They. Are. Amazing! To see some of the greatness that will be at the show you can check out their 2012 vendor Pinterest board. I can't believe I made it in. With it being a juried show, I just feel so humbled.

With that said, I have lots to do before the show. I have to plan my booth, stock pile some inventory... Plan D's birthday party... Who by the way, is also going to an ENT tomorrow to see about getting his tonsils taken out. Needless to say, I wont be taking any custom orders until after the show. Then you can get your Christmas orders in.

But before I could get started on any of that, I had a project that I HAD to finish. This blanket for Jessica of JessicaNDesigns.

It's a queen size... Talk about a big endeavor.

I'm happy with how it turned out.

Though I don't plan on making any blankets of this size again any time soon, I'm so proud of myself for accomplishing it. If you crochet and would like the pattern for this Flower Patch Quilt, it's for purchase here from The Stitch House and it was pretty simple. The size of this one just made it feel a little overwhelming, but it's beautiful. I think a smaller size would be a great weekend project.

Hope to see you at The Little Craft Show on December 1st, where there MAY be a lap quilt/toddler size Flower Patch Quilt in my booth...