Martha, Martha, Martha!

I moved to Northwest Arkansas when I was 14.

From California. 

Umm... talk about culture shock.

I wanted nothing more than to go back.
I wanted to walk down the Santa Monica Pier, City Walk, Sunset Blvd [not in a stripper/pretty woman sorta way].

I didn't even know what a hay bail was.. I just stared at the fields wondering what in the world those giant round things were. I didn't ask because well, I didn't care.

If you don't know, Bentonville, AR is where Walmart originated. Fayetteville is perfect. Springdale, Rogers, Centerton, it's all a fun, lovely community. It grew on me. Because of Walmart, Cargill, Tyson's world headquarters & other companies there, there is lots of money there. I'd say the perfect definition would be sophisticated southern. Not too hillbilly southern. Though I've had encounters.

I use the word y'all more often than anyone should.
I live on a farm in southwest Missouri.
I have to burn my own trash.
My mailbox is like a mile away.
And most of all, I love Arkansas.
I miss living there.

Lucky for me, my mom still lives there.
The kids need to see their abuela.

She lets them do fun things.

I enjoy ditching them and enjoying the place that now feels like home.
I get a melancholy feeling. I get giddy. I feel like there's never enough time there... even before I get there.

I had a little bit of business to do though. I've talked about True Treasures before, it's still rad! I love that place.

and seeing my stuff there blows my mind!

Debbie had a tub of buttons...
Or as Amber reffered to it, crafter's crack.
I think I spent at least 20 minutes picking some out.

I also found some yarn.

Which will make for some lovely bracelets with vintage buttons! Score!

When will they be in the shop you ask? Soon my lovely friend. Soon.

Besides the loot, getting to hang with my mom, and ditching the kids, I also met up with my Martha at the Bentonville Farmer's Market.

If you become my friend, I'll love you forever. No matter how many friends I have, you become my special friend. [sometimes there's an ed after that special. those are charity cases.] either way my friends mean a lot to me. I know good friends don't come by easily. So they're mine. My Amanda, my Kalyn, my Liz, my Amber.... And so on.

I've written about my Martha before, but after Saturday, I love her more. 

The main reason I wanted to meet there is because there's crepes.
Frédéric is in the back round. With his lovely French accent and all.

We had a blast waiting for the crepes!

We talked about how YOLO needs to go away, but then decided we should just start using it.

We ordered sweet La Foster crepes and Cokes to drink because... well, YOLO. ha ha. it's growing on me. Martha has even begun to use it as a verb. We're goofy like that. If you have a twitter account, follow her. She's hilarious. That's why I love her. As you can see, she's a beauty. The picture in the bottom right where she's covering her mouth, she should be in an add for hair stuff, or Coke, or YOLOing.

We walked around, I talked.. a lot. I'm working on my listening skills ok?! We stopped into a couple of shops. Including a bike shop because I need want one to ride around town with my Amanda & the kids. Realized that I'll need a kid's bike.

Thanks for a great time my sweet, lovely, funny friend! I had a blast!!

cause YOLO.